Post Number 8

I had stopped drinking soda when I decided to start the FODMAP diet. It’s not allowed on the diet, I knew I was drinking too much, and I should stop, and it would save me money.

So I did. I had to slowly wean myself off of it since I was heavily addicted to the caffeine, but I managed to stop. And I’ve been doing okay.

But then yesterday we had some leftover sodas from an event the week before, and I was tired, so I had one. And I remembered I had a fruity energy drink, so I had one of those too. And then today we had another event at work and there was soda, and it was free, so I had one with lunch, and I grabbed an extra for later, because old habits die hard.

And then this afternoon, I realized that I was a little lightheaded, and my sinuses were feeling all congested and painful again. Once again, is it coincidence? Probably not. I often have issues with lightheadedness and dizziness and vertigo and sinus problems and yes, I just had to have sinus surgery and today is a bad allergy day because the pollen counts are high, but there’s probably a connection between all of my issues. And if I don’t drink soda or caffeine for a week and don’tĀ feel lightheaded for a week, and then I drink soda for a couple days in a row and it starts up again, maybe that’s the connection I should be looking into.

So I guess I’m going to have to stop drinking caffeine completely again, and actually stick to it this time. It’s going to be hard. But I really need to make a commitment to my health for once and maybe I’ll start seeing some real results.