How I’m doing

In short, I’m not doing well.

I had a meeting with my GI doctor, who basically told me to try to keep doing what I was doing: stick to the low-FODMAP diet (or actually start doing that), and start paying attention to what things bother me.

There’s some things that I knew that bothered me, and there are some things that I’ve started to realize upset my stomach more than I knew.

I already knew that onions really bothered me, and eating onions can give me really bad painful cramps. Which is too bad because I like them.

I knew that I was lactose intolerant, as well, so I’ve always tried to avoid dairy as much as possible. I can get away with small amounts of hard cheese (like cheddar), don’t like soft cheeses for the most part, and really should avoid blue and feta, even though I like it. I made some mashed potatoes with milk recently, and I used a lot of milk because I wanted them to be really super creamy, and that was a MISTAKE. I was in intense pain for quite a bit.

Surprisingly, I’ve always assumed that I could eat yogurt, but I recently realized that if I eat yogurt it makes me slightly nauseous. Small amounts are okay, like in a smoothie or something, but I can’t eat a bunch on its own.

Yesterday I ate some salted peanuts, and got really nauseous. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or not, but I thought that peanuts were on the low-fodmap list, and so I’d be able to eat them. I was really frustrated because my boyfriend went running and I would have gone with him, but I felt sick so I ended up staying home and sleeping instead.

I keep meaning to get a notebook and keep track of what I’m eating, how it makes me feel, and just keep a comprehensive list of what I can eat and what I can’t. I also keep meaning to exercise and maybe do things that will make me feel better about myself. It’s just hard. All those websites just say things like “start with 5 minutes a day!” but it’s hard to make the step to doing that first five minutes.


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