Post Number 6

It’s very hard to stick to any sort of elimination diet unless you absolutely cook all of your food yourself.

And if you’re busy, and you have things planned, sometimes, that’s just not possible.

This week, we had a thing we went to after work on Wednesday. There wasn’t enough time between getting home and having to leave to make dinner and eat, so we just went out. Once you’re out, it’s hard to analyze all of the food and try to figure out which things are okay for you to eat and which things aren’t. Thankfully I’m not dealing with actual allergies, and my doctor’s decision for me to try the FODMAP diet was aimed at overall better GI health, so if I don’t do as well on the diet the results aren’t too disastrous.

But it’s hard.

This week, we’ve also got lunch catered at work. And not the “here’s the menu, order what you want” type of catered, but “here’s the one type of food that we have for lunch, this is what we’re eating today” type of catered.

Neither day is acceptable for my diet.

So it’s frustrating because I wanted to start on the diet this week, and apparently I just picked a bad week for it. But it’s so very tempting to give up. Because it makes you see how hard it is, and how hard it’s going to be trying to continue.

I want to stay on this diet for at least a couple of months, and so far I haven’t even managed to be on it for a couple of days.


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