Post Number 5

We went running this weekend. By which I mean my boyfriend went running, and I walked around catching pokemon while wearing exercise clothes. There is a new outdoor workout area near where we go running/pokemon-ing, so we checked that out for a few minutes. There was equipment for doing sit ups and jumping things and one where you pull down (which was really hard) and one where you push up (which was impossible). Also, it had rained a lot the day before, so the ground was a horrible horrible muddy mess, and we just sort of sank into it.

I did find a cool fossilized shell in the mud though, so that made it worthwhile.

I decided that I really needed to actually try and start the FODMAP diet. On Friday I planned out meals for the week, and then on Saturday we went shopping and I bought a bunch of food. I messed myself up a little bit by getting my boyfriend to buy me a bunch of soda on Friday night, but I was good otherwise. I even used up all the garlic that Blue Apron had sent us to make some garlic infused oil to cook with, so that I can get garlic flavor without the FODMAPs.

Possibly related, but probably just coincidence since it was so quick, my stomach has FINALLY gotten better, for the first time in like two weeks since my antibiotics. Hopefully with my new diet I stay feeling good and even start feeling better than ever.


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