Post Number 3

I half-way managed to do things that I wanted to do this weekend. On Friday I got to go home early, so I pulled out my sewing machine and started working on a project that I started about a year ago, and never got anywhere near finishing. It’s a dress from a vintage 1930s pattern, and I sewed the skirt together just fine, but once I looked at the bodice it was painfully clear why I never finished it. The pattern for the bodice just will not work. No amount of tucking and darting and careful maneuvering can get it to match up on all sides. I’m not sure how ladies were built back in the 1930s but their chests were rather odd looking, based on this pattern alone, and definitely not shaped like me. I tried drafting a pattern myself, but I’ve never done that before, and trying to get it to match up with the seams on the skirt made it much more difficult. In the end, I remembered that I don’t think I have any more of the fabric anyway, so I just put everything away.

I had bought food to try and cook healthier things this weekend (and for lunches this week), but it didn’t happen quite like I wanted. We were out of the house a lot, and running around and not feeling well, so we ended up making things like mac n cheese, that don’t require much effort or thought, or buying food out.

My problem is that it upsets my stomach. I’ve always had a sensitive stomach. I can’t eat fried food, or oily food, or pork, or sausage, or onions, or most foods with a sauce, or pre-prepared foods, or dairy, or lots of things. So it makes eating difficult. Going to a restaurant is always a struggle of “What on this menu sounds good, but also sounds like it won’t upset my stomach?”

Recently though, I had two rounds of antibiotics, and partway into the second one, my digestive system appears to have quit. So now anything I eat makes me sick, and all of my problem foods, which would have normally upset my stomach, now make me very ill. I tried taking probiotics for awhile, but it didn’t appear to do anything other than turn my tongue yellow. So now I’ve been sick for about two and a half weeks, have trouble eating any food, and it’s very stressful.

My doctor once suggested I try the FODMAP diet, and I keep meaning to try that, but at this point, I don’t think it will actually help. Maybe it would have before the antibiotics, but now I don’t know what to do. I feel like it would be hard to start the diet, and I just want to eat whatever I want without getting sick. Apparently that’s too much to ask right now.


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