Post Number 2

Last night, I was determined to get rid of this box of Nilla wafers that we’ve had for forever. I was sure they’d be super stale, so I didn’t want to eat them, but I didn’t want to just throw out half a box of cookies, so I decided to make a tiramisu-inspired dessert, since my boyfriend likes tiramisu.

I figured, crush up the Nilla wafers to make the “ladyfingers” layers, and then make a coffee whipped cream for in between. It sounded like it would work. But we only had vanilla soymilk in the house. I managed to find a recipe online that led me to believe that it’s possible to make whipped soymilk, but either that recipe was a lie, adding the coffee ruined it, or you just can’t do it by hand. (I always make whipped cream by hand, so I wasn’t about to get out a blender, and then have to wash the blender.)

Instead of whipped cream, I ended up with a sweet, coffee flavored cream. So I decided to make a chocolate coffee pie instead. Heated up the cream to almost boiling, used it to melt half a bag of chocolate chips, and then poured that on top of the Nilla wafers and set the ramekins in the fridge.

Apparently it tasted pretty good, like a thick chocolately pudding. I didn’t try one yet, but my boyfriend had one last night, and he enjoyed it. The only problem was that all the wafer pieces floated up into the chocolate instead of staying at the bottom like they were supposed to.

I had some time to wait while it set, before my boyfriend came home from work, so I did end up going to the grocery store and buying sweet potatoes and eggs and carrots and oatmeal and things like that. I wanted to get brussel sprouts, but they were out, so I got cabbage instead for dinner. We had some spicy Italian sausage that I had thawed out and I was going to roast it with the brussel sprouts and it worked just fine with roasted cabbage, too.

I’m feeling a little bit better today, because I can actually make my plan for yummy sweet potato hash for breakfast and things like that and try to eat healthier food. It’s the weekend now, so maybe I’ll do some crafty things this weekend too, and feel a little bit better about abandoning all my hobbies.


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